Friday, April 13, 2012

Old Photo Friday: My Big Brother's Birthday

Tomorrow is my big brother Ethan's birthday.

What better way to celebrate than with photos of his birthday's past on this Old Photo Friday?

The original birthday:

Third birthday?

A great present on the fifth birthday?

Sixth birthday?

Eighth birthday?

And right when I was starting to feel nostalgic for those simpler, "olden" times, I realized that my big brother's car-themed birthday cake:

Looked an awful lot like his nephew Ziggy's cake just last August:

It should be noted both cakes had the same stylist.
Happy Birthday, Big E!


skramly said...

Fantastic! I love that you saved all those photos.

kdwald said...

I've been going through a lot of old photos as well. It's something I think we're losing the nostalgia with digital photos. We do scan through them, but it's different not being able to hold them and send them and save them.

Shannon said...

Love the old photos

RandomHandprints said...

Thanks so much!

RandomHandprints said...

I agree. And I almost never print out a photo of my kids - and when I do, they just hold it and marvel at it and I tell myself I should do it more, and then don't...

RandomHandprints said...

It is really nice looking back at little E, even if we did always call him Big E.

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