Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun Handprint Art Projects for February: Chinese New Year, Super Bowl Sunday and Endless Winter

With so many folks getting directed here from Search looking for Handprint Art Projects to do with kids, I've decided to start doing a round-up each month. Here's what I have for a fabulous February of handprints:

Chinese New Year starts this Thursday, February 3, ushering in the Year of the Rabbit.

Activity Village has a really fun dragon that is made from cut-out or painted handprints. This is a great project for a lot of kids, as you can just keep adding handprints to the dragon's body.

Picture from ActivityVilliage.co.uk
If you're looking for more crafts for Chinese New Year, including ones featuring rabbits, they have plenty to choose from here.
This Sunday, Feb. 6, brings The Superbowl which I hear from sportsball fans is a big game, maybe even The Big Game.

Play With Me has a great handprint football project. My husband reports that the teams playing are the Pittsburgh Steelers (Black and Gold) and the Green Bay Packers (Green and Yellow) if you want to tie those colors in, too.

Picture from Playtimewithmommy.blogspot.com

And last, a round-up of February wouldn't be complete without a mention of The Snow that has been particularly widespread this year. Where I live on the East Coast we haven't seen our lawn since December.  And with the snow coming down now, I don't think we'll be seeing it anytime soon.
Playtime with Mommy has some adorable Handprint Mittens, perfect for celebrating any wintry February day. She has a lot of other fun crafts too for making the most of these snowy days.

Picture from Playtimewithmommy.blogspot.com

What holidays did I forget? Tell me what other days you celebrate, and more importantly, do you celebrate with handprint crafts?

Happy February!

PS If you're looking for Handprint crafts for Valentines Day, they got their own post.

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