Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day - Celebrate with Fun Cards, Cute Handprint Crafts and Rose Scented Cupcakes!

Valentine's Day will be here in just a few days, which makes this the perfect time for making cards, doing handprint crafts with kids, and eating yummy cupcakes.

I just found a terrific design/kids/all-around-awesome blog Small For Big, which has several options for Valentine's Day cards you can make yourself:
And as always, if you are here from doing an Internet search for Handprint Crafts for Valentines Day, here are the best ones I've seen on my online wanderings:
  • Kaboose shows how to make a Valentine Handprint Wall Hanging which is so cute it melts my cold anti-valentine heart. The hearts are made from painting the sides of the child's hands, and then having them press down on the paper with their little fists.
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  • Crafts-for-all-seasons has a whole tab of Valentine's Day Crafts, including some very sweet Handprint Valentines.  This craft creates the heart with the thumb and second finger of both hands, resulting in a very nice-and-a-little-bit-offbeat-too design.
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  • The Crafty Crow, which is always filled with incredible creations, has a round-up of 10 Valentine Crafts! My favorite is the Heart-in-hand pillow from A Little Great.  You clearly need to be a little great yourself to make this, but the directions are so good, it makes even a not-so-crafty mom like myself think I could pull it off.  And it really would be so, so nice to enjoy all-year-round.
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And last, if handprint crafts aren't your thing, but baking is, one of my favorite blogs If You Can Make That You Can Make This has an amazing recipe for Rose Scented Cupcakes. We made them with the addition of India Tree Sparkling Sugar, and they were truly a beautiful treat. (Especially when you pair with Rose Pink Champagne for those of us in the over-21 category.)

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Do you have big plans for Valentine's Day?
However you celebrate, Happy Valentines Day!


Nicole Feliciano said...

Great ideas!

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

oh, heck yes, we should be thinking about Valentines! =)

for a long time, as a single mom, i wanted to have someone to celebrate Valentines, i just abuse that holiday and start thinking about the next one as soon as feb 15 rolls around. i need help.

Jill said...

Valentine's Day is definitely sneaking up on us! Great choices.

Victoria said...

I just think of Valentine's Day as a way to Spread the Love to Everyone. Kinda like Christmas, only in shades of Red and Pink, maybe Orange and Purple too.

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