Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best in Show at the New York Toy Fair... and at that other show, too

On Monday, I went to the New York Toy Fair. It was my first visit there, and it was an amazing experience for someone who loves toys as much as I do. I was only there for about six hours, so I didn't even come close to seeing everything. Next time, I'm definitely planning to spend way more time.

I was surprised to find how many great toys were there. Being a toy-snob, I thought I would instantly dismiss the bulk of the toys as too plastic, too commercial, or just too ugly for my Reggio sensibilities. Instead, I loved just about everything. (I also note that I was mostly in the aisles marked "Designer Art Toys" and "Earth-Friendly")

In true New York City style, the Toy Fair was not the only story of the day. My walk from Penn Station to the Javitz Center was one of the most fun of my life - all along the way I was walking with the beautiful, incredibly pampered contestants in the Westminster Dog Show, which was also taking place this Valentine's Day Monday. Seeing these incredibly outfitted and coiffed pooches out for a pre-show walk around town with their owners was a fantastic New York moment.

Thus inspired, I give you my Best in Show from the Toy Fair: Brinca Dada.

This year-old (they launched at Toy Fair 2010) Manhattan start-up with just a handful of employees, creates inspired - and inspiring - modern dollhouses that adults can love as much as kids.

Brinca Dada currently has one dollhouse on the market, Emerson House, as well as the accompanying furniture, with more coming in the spring.

I was particularly enamored of the prototype I saw for a house that folds down flat, as I'm such a stickler for keeping things neat at my minimalist home.

Can't you see the sleek Emerson dollhouse fitting in perfectly at my similarly totally spotless home?

And here is Emerson house furnished with all your mid-century modern favorites:

Also to love? The truly modern Modern Family who gets to live there:

I can only imagine Lucinda and Jane's jealousy of this family's incredible digs, not to mention how much Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb I'm sure wish they could live there, too.

And if you're wondering? Westminster's Best in Show was awarded to "GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind" a.k.a. "Hickory," a Scottish Deerhound. Congratulations.

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PS A longer post with the rest of the best at Toy Fair coming soon!


Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

Quick, someone tape my eyes shut!! Holy moly that dollhouse rocks. I still have a soft spot for toys and enjoy hanging out in the toy section as much as Cal does. I always wanted a "fancy" dollhouse growing up and this definitely would fill that need.


Kimberly Chapman said...

The dollhouse is awesome, and my daughter would quickly populate it with FPLPs, dinosaurs, and the small plastic animals she has renamed after Madagascar characters despite only having seen that movie once.

Oh, and your house is neat compared to mine. It has a straight path through the clutter. Our path winds and contains hurdles.

Magpie said...

Oh wow. That doll house is awesome. So are the dolls. Wow.

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