Monday, December 2, 2013

Two Crazy Good Cyber Monday Deals

I don't care what deals I miss on Black Friday - and even less so about any on grey Thursday - because no deal is worth big crowds and mall traffic.

But Cyber Monday deals I can get from the comfort of my home or office? Yes, I'll take those.

Here are two Cyber Monday good deals I've seen this morning on Amazon, I'll add more later today if I find any as good as these.

HALF OFF Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse on Amazon

This house is sooo expensive (almost $200) that 50% really matters. At a little under $100 I don't even think it's that bad a price since you get the house and all the furnishings (no dolls, though).

My kids got this from their Aunt and Uncle for Hanukkah (who sadly I'm sure paid full price) and they love it. It took a while to put together, but wasn't *that* bad. There are lots of sounds, an elevator and other cool features, and at $92.49 a lot of play value.

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table on Amazon

This is on my kids wish list, so I've been watching the price. While it was lower last week when it was a featured deal, it's currently 44% off for a savings of more than $250 off the original price.

So those are the two good deals I've seen this Cyber Monday morning, now tell me what good deals you've seen.

This post is totally not sponsored, I just wanted to pass on these good deals. There are Amazon affiliate links embedded above which I'm hoping will fund a trip to Tahiti, or even just Starbucks.

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BadParentingMoments said...

You know, here's my problem. I saw this on TUESDAY. :) I can't even read a killer Cyber Monday post until it's too late.

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