Monday, May 7, 2012

Instructions for My Husband: The Differences Between Lavender and Rosemary Plants

We don't have a rosemary plant in our garden.

We have a lavender plant.

I know this because I bought it.

I know this because I planted it.

And, I know this because our plant looks like this:

Image from our garden

And a rosemary plant looks like this:

Image from Pinterest
And here is a handy side-by-side, which shows that while similar, the Lavender plant (in my garden) has many differences from the Rosemary plant (on the Internet):

As you can see, Lavender is a "smoky green grey color" whereas Rosemary is a more waxy green.

And if computers were equipped with smell-o-vision these days - which clearly, they should be - it would make the lavender obviousness that much more, uh, obvious.

This is the twenty-eighth instruction in my ongoing series of Instructions for My Husband.

Update: my kids just saw this post and said, "Uncle thinks it's a Rosemary plant, too!" Really, Uncle?Is this true?


Ecomattersnow said...

This is such a cute post and your Lavender looks really good!

l.e.s.ter said...

It looked like rosemary to me. But one sniff or taste will settle the debate immediately.

RandomHandprints said...

if only computer's had smell and taste functionality! put it on the invention list.

i fully expect you to confirm (or deny) on your next visit.

RandomHandprints said...

Thanks so much! I note, for the record, you refer to it as my Lavender plant and not my Rosemary plant!

skramly said...

Lavender and rosemary are close cousins. But I'm pretty sure that one growing in your garden is rosemary. Sure smelled like rosemary anyway.

l.e.s.ter said...

Your kids saw the post? Are you homeschooling them in your blog now?

RandomHandprints said...

you don't find my side-by-side photographic comparison compelling?

RandomHandprints said...

uh, whaddya mean "now" - old news, bro-wo, old news.

kdwald said...

I can't tell the difference either. But that's coming from someone who is slowly killing all the nice plants left from the previous homeowner.

chang long said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

Quietlysocial said...

you're an idiot.

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