Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Photo Friday: The Memorial Day Beach Special

I will admit: I do love digging around the old photos on Fridays.

Tonight, I found this gem.

Me, around age 6, wearing a red, white and blue bathing suit.  How perfect for Memorial Day weekend!

This awesome, arty photo was taken by my brother who was all of about eight at the time.

And here we are, enjoying a nice summer day at the beach.

Nice visor, bro.


I post old photos on Fridays. I'm not quite sure why. Happy Weekend everyone!


Glamamom said...

I'm loving your patriotic suit! Have a great weekend Loves!

RandomHandprints said...

thanks, happy weekend to the glamamom family!

RandomHandprints said...

I'm heading to Duane Reade tomorrow, I'll be back with a full report of the reading material available from one of the midtown locations.

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