Thursday, January 19, 2012

My reluctant experiment in going offline

Almost two weeks ago I dropped my computer. I probably should've just bought a new one, but like so many others, I had a completely sick-fuck significant sentimental attachment to mine so I insisted on saving it. No matter what it took.

First, I hoped it just needed a little bit of TLC. Perhaps a new battery would be all it took. So there I was in the Batteries Plus store in a particularly dingy part of New Jersey buying a super-expensive top of the line battery and power cord for my best friend, confidant and business partner computer.
No luck. The situation was clearly more dire. The salesman gives me the advice to take my beloved companion computer to the Computer Doctor, which as it turns out is located in an even dingier part of New Jersey. But still, I was hopeful.

I hated to be parted for even one night, but the professionals at the Computer Doctor needed to keep the computer for observation, and repair. So I agreed. I wasn't sure how I would spend my time without my better-half computer, but somehow I managed.

And now, eleven days and a ridiculous number of dollars later, my favorite pal is back beside me on my couch.

Oh, how I've missed you.

And by you I totally mean all of you and not the you of my anthropomorphized computer, which I totally do not have a co-dependent relationship with. At all.

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Desiree said...

It is a terrible affliction, friend. I'm glad you were reunited with your computer aka best friend aka confidante aka business partner.

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