Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Quoted in Publishers Weekly Today! And not about Monster High Halloween Costumes!

October must be my month for being quote-worthy, because just today I was mentioned in a Publishers Weekly article The Mighty Mom Bloggers, which discusses the relationship between mom bloggers and the publishing world.

Last October, almost to the day, I was quoted at the end of a New York Post article, Would You Let Your Daughter Trick-or-Treat in This? where I got the chance to complain about how inappropriate girls costumes for Halloween had become. I remember I was referred to as "Anna Sandler, a blogger and New Jersey mom," because it was the first time I had ever been referred to as a blogger, or a New Jersey mom, as we had just moved to the Garden State.

I re-read my quote today, and it's all about how my daughters wanted to be zombie cheerleaders. I can't believe how little my kids' Halloween costume choices have changed since last year, because again this year they just want to be zombie cheerleaders -- or, to be honest, anyone from Monster High:

I said a big, loud Mom-sized "NO!" to all of these, but I did allow Kay to acquire a "regular" zombie costume and for Magpie to get a Vampira costume, which let's face it are not exactly my top choices for either of my daughters, but they also aren't Monster High which I just don't think are appropriate for girls of any age.

And, with seven days and counting until Halloween, little brother Ziggy is still holding fast to the idea of being a cat. And I am still trying to decide if he should not only be a cat, but a cat dressed-up for Halloween, which would mean putting a second costume over his cat costume.

If you can't quite tell what that would look like, here are examples of a panda dressed-up like a pumpkin, and a bear dressed up like a mummy. So, based on what we have at our house, Ziggy could be a cat dressed-up in a dragon costume, or maybe a cat wearing a fireman's hat. It's funny, right? {Crickets.}

And last, if you haven't entered yet, the Awesome Duck Tape Giveaway closes tonight, Monday, October 24, at 9pm EST - so enter for a chance to win a cool assortment of Halloween Duck Tape so you can make cool pumpkins like these:

The Gene O'Lantern



blueviolet said...

You are the best. That is all.

Anna Sandler said...

uh no, actually... YOU are the best :)

Glamamom said...

LOVE. Such a great article.

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