Monday, October 10, 2011

Creepy Pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns - Halloween Gone Good

My last post was all about awesome Halloween pumpkins made by some exceptionally crafty people.

This post, I bring you seriously creepy Halloween pumpkins forcing me to ask how do people think up this stuff?

Check out this creepy mouse house pumpkin from Martha Stewart:

And how 'bout this Snake Pumpkin:

Photo from Martha Stewart
There's this wicked Witch Pumpkin:
Photo from

And I saved the creepiest for last:

Leaving me to ask once again, how do people think up this stuff?


Rochelle said...

These are all Great. Thanks for sharing them.

Blueviolet said...

I wonder that too! I wish I was a creative free thinker like that!

Glamamom said...

The mouse one is really upsetting. For obvious reasons.

Kim of Mo'Betta said...

I don't think kids would be rushing up to your porch with these on display!

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