Thursday, September 8, 2011

Multi-colored Duck Brand Duct Tape - We're Obsessed

My kids have a new obsession - multi-colored duct tape (by the brand Duck Tape).

I gotta admit I'm kinda into it too - which should be obvious from the photo above, because if I wasn't totally into it, would the five-year-old really have TEN rolls of five-dollar-a-piece duct tape?

Mostly, we have the rolls (and rolls) of Duck Tape so we can make these cool flowers:

Photo from

But as we have TEN rolls of duct tape, please crafty readers, tell me... what else can we make?

Also, Liz, I'm really glad you can shop again. Because the first thing I thought when I saw the enormous bin of Duck Tape at the store was that your craft room really needs some.

{This post is absolutely compensation free. My daughter's happiness with her tower of duct tape is payment enough.}


how to gain muscle quickly said...

Cool, I love the color of that duck tape.. you can do what you want.

Kristin said...

I saw a tween with a sling bag FULL of this stuff. I thought it was just to make USPS packages look pretty for someone's birthday. My neighbor's kid makes bracelets. I bought one for two dollars. Then I threw it away. Not to worry, I let her see me wearing it the next day. THEN I threw it away.

You could make a prom dress:

Or you could do what I did in high school (with plain old silver): Keep the soles of that one really cool pair of pointy-toed purple shoes on the uppers. I was so hard-core. :)

Guest said...

I have 50 rolls and make pretty much everything!!

Meande said...

i saw a little girl with 100 ducktapes in a bin

Minniemouse4567 said...

i have way more than that. you think ten is alot, you should see my collection

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