Monday, September 5, 2011

{Erev} Back to School

Tomorrow my kids go back to school. The oldest to third grade, the middle one to first grade, and the baby (who's two) to nursery school.

I will officially have an empty nest (Sort-of. Does school from 9am to noon twice-a-week count as an empty nest?)

We had a great summer. It might have been impossible to extract any more fun (from a kid's point of view) out of it then we did - trips to the beach, overnights at grandma's in New York City, amusement parks and water parks, mini-golf, sleepovers with friends, visits from older cousins, airplane trips to Florida... I'm tired just thinking about it all.

And there was ice cream. We ate lots and lots of ice cream this summer. Sometimes with two spoons.

Not to mention a trip to the ER. Oh yeah, and a major hurricane - which will perhaps be their most memorable experience.

And in case it's not, they'll at least always remember these boardwalk thrill rides:

Ocean City, MD
Ocean City, MD
But that is all in the past now. Summer's over, and another school year will begin tomorrow. And right now? As I'm writing this at 9:16pm.... I wish they would all just go the f*ck to sleep.

Here's to high hopes for a great school year ahead, though I know some things like endless pick-up lines and never-ending lunches to pack will never change.

And it's hard to believe we could top last year.

Last day of school, June 2011.


blueviolet said...

Here's to a wonderful, wonderful new school year for all three of them!

I'm Jennifer. said...

My boys started school today also. They never give me any details but they did get off the bus this afternoon smiling. So I guess it went well. Hope your kiddos had a great first day too!

Kristin said...

Last year we had a real First Day, but this year it's more of a gradual move up to the next class in their pre-school. For my son, the big change is going for a full day - and that started without fanfare when we asked permission to start early so we could take my daughter for a long appointment in Hackensack.

Next year, now THAT will be major. Ack!

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