Monday, November 15, 2010

Ugly Menorahs Part IV: The Hobbies and Pastimes Edition

Next up in our survey of the world's ugliest menorahs, is one especially for the ladies.

'Cause nothin' says Festival of Lights like a make-up menorah:

For golfers, I was able to narrow down the many, many ugly options to just two:

Rounding out our Hobbies and Pastimes Edition, is the Cruise Lovers menorah and my personal favorite, the Casino menorah. 'Cause nothing says Hanukkah like playing the slots!

Next edition of ugly menorahs - we're moving outside and including the family pets!


Wine for Normal People said...

I'm getting MC Ice one of those golf ones.

Anna said...

how will u decide which one???

skramly said...

The make-up one is literally the worst menorah I've ever seen! Wow.

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