Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy (Handprint) Turkey Day! Thanksgiving Handprint Crafts for November

A quick look at my Google stats revealed that a lot of people want to know how to make a Handprint Turkey, and that Google thinks a site called Random Handprints is going to help with that. However, until now, handprint art seeking folks were out of luck here. That is true no more!

Random Handprints can now serve all your turkey handprinting needs!

Here in all their glory is a round-up of the Best Turkey Handprint Crafts!  Enjoy these fun art projects and if you have a great one, please leave a comment so I can add it to the list:
And finally, for folks who are so beyond the whole Turkey Handprint thing, here's how to make a Hand AND FOOT Turkey Craft, and even a Handprint Mayflower.

If you are looking for even more ideas for Thanksgiving art projects, you'll find amazing ones at the The Crafty Crow, a children's craft collective.

And perhaps most importantly, you can find a list here of Fabric Paints that are Safe for Handprinting

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy Handprint Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo found online from Chico Valley Moms Stroller Strides Meet-up Group.


Nicole Feliciano said...

Great ideas!

Anna said...

Thanks, Nicole!

Anonymous said...

This is too funny Anna - half way around the world I am heading off to Miranda's preschool to do a presentation for the kids on Thanksgiving and guess which activity we will be doing...? Our handprint turkeys will also be sporting some fetching feathers as well and then the whole experience will be topped off with some mini pumpkin pies. Really must catch up with you soon. We are in Sydney now. Love to you and the family. Happy Thanksgiving, Maria, Rod, Miranda & Oisin xxxx

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