Saturday, November 6, 2010

Three signs I am officially a suburbanite now

1. I rake leaves. Yep, all by myself. It's pretty fun. The kids jumped in the leaf piles over and over again. They loved it. The kids next door came and jumped in the piles, too. We got to talk to our neighbors who all couldn't believe I was doing the yard myself (full disclosure: me neither). But the truly suburbanite part is that I called my City friends and invited their kids to come out to the 'burbs just to jump in the leaf piles. It has come to that. No longer able to suggest cultural hot spots or trendy new restaurants, I am making a trip to my home attractive because of it's.... leaf piles.

2. I go to Costco. That's right. For years I said: who needs all that stuff? When the realtor was showing us homes and kept pointing out "and here's the Costco closet," or suggesting "the Costco fridge will fit great here!" I thought she was nuts. My husband would leave after house hunting and joke to each other about how laughable it was that we, NYC foodies would ever go to Costco.

Last Saturday we joined Costco. And let me tell you, I'll not only glad we picked a home with a Costco closet I am trying to figure out where we can put the Costco fridge. Because six pounds of sweet potato fries aren't going to fit just anywhere.
3. I drive a SUV. And the SUV does car pool. For years I resisted getting a gigantic car. And before the suburban move, I hadn't driven at all in over a decade. But then we moved to the suburbs. And had a third kid. The older two kids starting doing the modern childhood's cacophony of activities and I realized I couldn't do all the driving anymore. And now we car pool. Which I guess is environmentally friendly, so maybe the SUV isn't that bad. Though I know it kinda is.

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Anonymous said...

I can so relate to this! I've lived in big cities or at least an urban area for the past ten years and just last year decided to move home to a small town. It was a forced decision due to a job slipping through my fingers in Chicago. The funny thing is, the slowing down and the small town thing is starting to grow on me, especially now that I'm expecting twins in the next few weeks. Funny how it changes you! I give directions in miles and landmarks now instead of blocks and know that if I want great coffee, there's only one place in town I can get it. It's an adjustment to say the least, but not entirely awful, like I originally thought it would be. Good luck to you! :)

(I'm stopping by from SITS by the way!)

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