Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Instructions for my Husband: If I put them on him, the baby's pants are on the right way. You don't need to confirm this with me.

You never need to ask me if I put Ziggy's pants on the right way. They are pants. Being put on a baby. It's not hard.

In this situation, I was putting on some very cute baby boy pants which had pant seams that were supposed to be on the outside. It's this thing called... fashion. Yes, even babies need to wear stylish pants. (And I note, Ziggy owns not even one pair of front pleat slacks).

Next time, instead of saying "Hey, looks like you just did a daddy-move! These are on backwards!" take a quick look in the back of the pants for the tag. This tag is usually square-shaped and located in the middle of the waist-band. If the tag is on the inside of the garment, as it was today, then you know the pants are on the right way! No need for confirmation!

And, I am totally willing to buy this for you if it will help in the future:
Though in today's situation, you managed to mangle dressing the baby even though you didn't even dress the baby.

Is my husband in good company? Is it difficult to get a baby dressed? And is it really that hard to tell which way the clothes should go?

This is the sixth post in my ongoing series of Instructions for my Husband.

I'm linking-up this old post to Finding the Funny at Kelley's Breakroom and My Life and Kids. Consider it my little contribution to NYC's Fashion Week.


Mry Jhnsn said...

Oh boy do I need this one (not the Husband ha!)and she is almost one lol you would think I would have figured out her clothes by now...

Cute post!

Anna said...

i think we all have days like that when we could use very detailed instructions, happy almost-first-birthday to your little one!

I'm Jennifer. said...

My huz has serious issues dressing our boys. He'll pick out outfits that completely do not match. Or, he'll somehow find the 1 shirt and the 1 pair of pants that are way too small and dress the kid in teeny clothes. Drives me nuts.

Anna said...

lol we so have the tiny clothes problem here too - and huz is like why are the clothes there if i can't use them. (men.)

Jen Mitchell said...

What is it that is so hard about dress kids that husbands don't get? Mine still struggles and our youngest kids are 5.

Stopped over from Finding the Funny. :-)

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