Monday, September 23, 2013

Guess How Many People Follow Duane Reade on Twitter?

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Do you know how many people follow Duane Reade on Twitter?
Wanna make a guess?

Do you think 10,000 people do?

Or 100,000?

How about 1,000,000? Or, precisely (as of this writing) 1,140,836. That's right, well over 1 MILLION people follow Duane Reade on Twitter.

#shop #DR1MM

In fact, Duane Reade went from 10,000 followers to over 1 million followers in just one year.

Duane Reade celebrated this amazing achievement last week, and I was honored to be part of the party which was a great time with wonderful people, and I even got my eyebrows shaped by a RAMY-trained consultant (Ramy himself pictured below). How many parties can you say that about?

#shop #DR1MM

#shop #DR1MM

I am also incredibly proud to be part of Duane Reade's VIP Blogger group, which was recognized for contributing to this incredible social media success story.

#shop #DR1MM

 In addition to being an example of smart and savvy social media use and of how to attract and retain followers by delivering quality content, it was inspiring and gratifying to hear Duane Reade talk during the celebration about the contributions of the VIP bloggers to the social media efforts overall, and towards reaching the million follower mark on Twitter. Duane Reade's VIP blogger program is a perfect example of how brands and bloggers can work together to do amazing things.

I'm so glad to have joined in the celebration for Duane Reade hitting the 1 million Twitter followers milestone.

Congratulations, Duane Reade. I can't wait to celebrate when you reach two million!

#shop #DR1MM
If you aren't one of Duane Reade's followers already, go join the million+ folks over at @DuaneReade on Twitter.
You can also follow the conversation on Twitter via the hashtags #cbias and #DR1MM.
To see other posts I've written about Duane Reade as part of the VIP Blogger program, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing !!!! Congratz for achieving this wonder full mile stone of Twitter Followers.I am glad to hear this.Once again congratz.....

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