Friday, March 1, 2013

Easter Crafts with Duck Tape

 A re-publish from last year, because nothing says Happy Easter! like Duck Tape covered eggs.
Last year we covered plain ol' plastic eggs

with Duck Tape for this happy result:

To make these yourself, all you need to do is take plastic eggs and cover them with Duck Tape. You can overlap the tape a bit for texture and patterns, and that's it!

Of course, once covered you can't open the eggs so this is not a project for kids hoping for surprises in the eggs. This project is strictly for decorative purposes only.

And I do think it's turns out very decorative.

Looking for some more projects with Duck Brand duct tape? Here are a few more Easter projects using Duck Tape:

- Duck Tape Easter Basket (great directions for the basket and how to make grass, too)
- Duck Tape Hair Bows and Duck Tape Hairbands (very easy to follow how-to videos)
- Duck Tape Easter Bonnet (requires fabric and more effort than I'm gonna guess most of us are capable of, but still very cool)

And for lots and lots more ideas, visit my Duck Tape Awesomeness board on Pinterest!


Kristin said...

Do you think it's possible to Duck Tape the egg HALVES so that they can be opened and closed? Can you try that for me and let me know? Or...try that for me and I'll come by and pick them up if it works? :)

Anna ~ Random Handprints said...

@Kristin - I couldn't get the halves to fit once taped, but then again I'm not too crafty!

yourfriendrobin said...

Maybe you could xacto knife them open just slice through the tape around the crack once they were done. I made a messenger bag out of duct tape in college.... I was the envy of all my dormmates. So silly. I saw an article once about a girl who made a whole prom dress.

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