Thursday, December 13, 2012

Unique Gift Wrap Ideas: Wrapping Gifts with Duck Tape

We are just a few nights away from the end of Hanukkah, so the majority of my gift wrapping is already finished. This year, I've (of course) used Duck Tape to wrap them all instead of regular scotch tape.

Since the awesome people at Duck Tape Central sent me rolls of EZ Start Duck Tape I also used it to decorate the packages. The Tape comes in lots of festive colors, some Christmas-themed and some good for year-round gift wrapping.

I paired the tape with brown Kraft Paper and was really happy with how the gifts all turned-out. These decorative tapes also are great for decorating cards, gift bags, and shipping boxes.


These EZ Start Duck Tapes are also used to make easy photo frames and other cool projects, like this one.

And of course, I need to post soon about the epic crafts my tweens and I made with mustache Duck Tape.

Disclosure: Duck Tape sent me samples, but I think we all know how much I adore this stuff.

All photographs from Duck Tape, ShurTech Brands except for the last one.

For more gift wrapping ideas, check out 10 Fun Ways to Wrap A Gift and Cool Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas.


subbu raj said...

Nice unique gift wrap ideas.

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Jon Williams said...

It’s really such nice information to get advantage from.
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cathy yang said...

Awesome unique gifts ideas for wrapping.
I like this post very much.
I will do this for your boy Friend this Valentin's day.
Thanks for your sharing.

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