Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ghosts (and ladybugs and frogs) of Halloweens Past

This first pic is from Halloween 2007, when we lived in New York City. Magpie is almost three, and Kay is just a month over one year. We're on our way to the Hippo Park Halloween Parade, a great event and I highly recommend it if you are on the Upper West Side. This year, it's at 3:45 on Sunday, October 31. Meet at the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument at 89th Street and Riverside Drive, and follow the bagpipers!

Below is another pic from Halloween '07, about as inspired as I ever get, it seems I've tried to come up with an entire family theme based on the Blue's Clues costume we already had for Magpie. Kay is dressed-up as Magenta, and Dad is Steve. I vaguely recall putting some paw prints on my tee shirt and jeans and claiming I was the "clues. "

The next year, the girls picked-out there own costumes. Being in Kindergarten now, Magpie insisted it had to be scary. She went for the always-appropriate blood ninja. And her sister, the equally appropriate slutty scarecrow.

Last year's trip to the costume shop netted one Purple Witch and one Super Girl. These get-ups got worn again to a party yesterday (yay!), but I'll leave you in suspense to find out what the girls are wearing for their "real" Halloween costumes for the main event on Sunday.

It really is hard to believe how fast they grow-up.

Happy Halloween.

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