Monday, August 5, 2013

Ten Reasons Why I Love the New Acer Chromebook from Staples

A few days ago I received an Acer Chromebook from Staples for review.

In short: It's Awesome.

Here are Ten Reasons Why I Love the New Acer Chromebook from Staples:

1. Sleek design. I have it on my kitchen counter, and it looks great and doesn't take-up much room.

2. Lightweight. I can easily move it from room to room with no problem - it weighs just about 3 pounds.

3. Goes from "power off" to "on" in just a few seconds.  If you're inpatient like me, it's great not to wait for-evah for the computer to boot-up.

4. Completely 100% hassle-free to set-up. Seriously. The whole process was so easy. I turned on the computer and within five minutes I was surfing the web and enjoying my awesome new computer.

5. Excellent computer for travel. For all the reasons above, the compact size and light weight makes the Chromebook ideal for business trips and vacations.

6. Great first computer for kids. I don't really like to share my work laptop with the family, and the Chromebook is a perfect "family computer." There's even an option to use the computer as a guest, which means your log-in names, passwords and search history aren't saved.

7. Google Docs is already installed. It may not seem like a big deal, but it was fantastic to find Google Docs fully installed and ready to use instantly.

8. Google Keep/Scratchpad. I'm obsessed with this feature, which makes it possible to indulge my to-do list mania digitally all day long.

9. Security. Chrome Browser is pre-installed, and not only is it incredibly simple to use but it has fantastic security features, too. And, the Chromebook has additional pre-installed security features and build-in virus protection as well.

10. The Price: $229. Yep, all this awesome is priced under $250.

So yeah, I like my new Acer Chromebook. A lot.

To learn more, or to order one for yourself, click here.

Disclosure: I received an Acer Chromebook from Staples to facilitate review. All opinions are my own.

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