Sunday, July 14, 2013

Name Bubbles: Great Labels for Kids Stuff for Camp and School

I recently sent my oldest off to sleepaway camp, and in addition to finding just the right hiking boots, duffel bag and shower caddy, I wanted to find the best way to label it all.  A good friend pointed me in the direction of Name Bubbles, which are sticky labels that once applied stay stuck on clothes, shoes and toiletries through just about anything - they're laundry and dishwasher safe as well as bug repellent and sunblock proof. They're also freezer friendly, and will stick through -60 F.

Name Bubble has labels for all needs, including a Camp Labels Pack ($38.88) which has over 100 labels in a variety of sizes and styles. I received a pack of these labels, which were more than we needed to label every last item my daughter brought to camp - with a few leftover, too.

Name Bubbles not only make labels for camp, and also for school, as well as allergy alert labels

medical labels, and more. My daughter is back from her sleepaway camp adventure, and so is her stuff... and all the Name Bubbles labels are perfectly intact, too.

Thanks to Name Bubbles for providing a Camp Labels Pack for me to review.


stephaniegiese said...

So cute! My brother had a peanut allergy and this would have been a good way to let lunch room monitors know.

Kim Bongiorno of Let Me Start By Saying said...

Ooohhh...even stay on through laundry? Me likey.

sarah brightman said...

Kids stuff should be bought with great care. There are lots of fraud companies that are selling baby products by their good rankings on net.
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William Christian said...

In the primary stage when kids start to going school they have to take several item with them and in this time school name labels are blessing for parents.

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