Friday, November 2, 2012

Where to get gas in New Jersey - for help follow @NJGas and #NJGas on Twitter

As I mentioned yesterday, in a truly Mom and Pop operation my husband and I are trying to help people in New Jersey find gas via twitter by tweeting gas station openings and closings, as well as wait time information.

It's a lot of work, and as gas seems to runs out as soon as we've just found out it's available, also a little bit of an impossible task to do this whole endeavor with any accuracy at all.

But we're still at it, because a lot of people have tweeted their very sincere thanks that one of the @NJGas tips got them gas when they had been unable to find any.

There was even an interview with a Reuters reporter today, who included quotes in her article: Ways to find gas amid Sandy's fuel crunch.

Here's hoping "gas shortage" is taken off the list of everyone's Hurricane Sandy ails very, very soon.

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