Monday, May 10, 2010

To Tweet or not to Tweet

To tweet or not to tweet?

I have firmly stood in the "no" camp when it comes to Twitter. I work. I have kids. I have friends I like to phone and even -- gasp! -- go out with from time to time. I have a husband, and while we have been known to IM each other even when we're in the same room ('cause we both think it's hilarious), it would be nice if I spent at least some time talking to him and not pecking away at a keyboard.

Can't there be too much of a good (online) thing? I blog. I email. And Text. I Facebook. I even update my Goodreads bookshelf periodically.

So do I really need to Tweet, too? Even the whole hash tag thing seems complicated (and annoying). And has anything of value ever really been said in 140 characters or less? Can my already full and fulfilling life really fit in one more piece of social media?

Yes, I realize if I ever find myself in a foreign jail Twitter might come in handy. And yes, I also realize I could enter nifty contests, send my whereabouts at every moment to my Facebook friends, and find out the thoughts of celebrities in real time instead of waiting for Perez Hilton to post them to his site.

But I ask you, do I need to tweet? And if I do, will I wonder how I ever lived without it?

Anna blogs about all things Mom at Though she has yet to share her first tweet with the world, her twitter is randomhandprint.

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