Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guest Blogger at Random Handprints - Welcome Sarah!

This guest post is from the very talented and optimistic photographer, Sarah Sloboda. Sarah shares her tips for getting the best photos of the little ones this springtime.

Thank you, Sarah for all the great tips!
Spring is the perfect time to experiment with photography because you can get outside and enjoy the sunshine, the kids can run rampant, and you can turn off the flash and take advantage of the natural light. Some of my favorite places to shoot in New York City are listed below - I recommend letting the kids run free, and experimenting with the direction of the sunlight and backdrops.
1. Brooklyn Bridge Park – There are lots of trees and buildings and bridges, so whatever your pleasure - urban backdrop or greenery - you'll find something here. Plus you can reward the kids with a walk over to the playground when you're done.
2. The High Line – The High Line boasts an awesome stroll for you, and tons of interesting things for kids to occupy themselves with while you frame the perfect shot.
3. Roof decks – Take advantage of your building's (or a friend's) roof deck! Just getting outside into fresh air has an inspiring effect on kids and adults alike. You'll find yourselves breathing deeper, and relishing even a brief respite from the confines of the old apartment.
4. Sheep Meadow – Nestled on the west side of Central Park, diagonally northeast of Columbus Circle, is the sprawling Sheep Meadow, where you can pack a picnic and sit in the sun or shade, blow bubbles, play catch, and capture memories.
5. Prospect Park – A little trip to Prospect Park will reward you with a feeling of connection to nature. Prospect Park is more wild and sprawling than its Manhattan counter-part, and you really will feel like you have traveled outside of the city. Incredibly photogenic views abound.
You can learn lots more tips at University of Sarah, and from Sarah herself this Thursday, April 8, at 12:30pm when she'll be hosting a teleseminar to Introduce "Photo Workshops for Moms." Get all the details here.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your fantastic ideas and for guest blogging here at Random Handprints!

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