Saturday, February 4, 2012

Glad I Made It: Strawberry Hearts for Valentine's Day

Every since I made heart shaped fried potatoes last week, I've been heart-ing every food I can.

It's gonna be a rude shock to my Kawaii-loving kids when they have to back to go "regular" food once Valentine's Day is over.

While creating most heart-shaped food is based upon using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, you can make strawberry hearts free-form, since they're already pretty much a natural heart.

All you need to do is slice the strawberries in half, and then use a knife to carve a little v out of the top of the strawberry, and you're done.

Here's how our heart strawberries turned out, the kids enjoyed decorating their plates:

Heart fun for everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Lisa said...

Very cute!

RandomHandprints said...

thanks, only problem is that now my kids expect all their strawberries to come to them heart-ified!

kdwald said...

Snacktime treat! Easy. If I get inspired, I'll do it for the whole class...

RandomHandprints said...

my plan too, and exactly why i was trying it out at the home kitchen! it really is easy just make sure you get regular "real" strawberries, one of our boxes was of the weird winter strawberries that aren't really strawberries, so they didn't quite work.

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