Friday, February 10, 2012

Before we all get too pro JC Penney....

How quickly we forget...

Remember these tee shirts? And the controversy?

In case you don't remember, JC Penney was selling tees that said "I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me." After a big online uproar and threats of boycotts, Penney's pulled the tees.

So when I was reading today everyone's pleas to please shop at Penney's this weekend, I decided to see if that was something I really would like to do.

Uh, no.

And this is why:

And the boys don't get much better treatment:

I know everyone draws the line at what is objectionable and objectifying to put on a child's tee shirt, so I understand not all of you reading this will think these phrases and slogans are all so terrible.

And while I wouldn't boycott Penney's over these shirts, I certainly wouldn't rush out to shop there this weekend, either.


kdwald said...

I think you can have it both ways. (The universal "you") I wouldn't buy any of those shirts (although I've seen versions of the "chicks dig me" around quite a lot - hip parents seem to think it's cute.

But if I get to JCP, I would buy something else - perhaps something for me, even! And I can still let them know that the t-shirt company should be changed. It seems like whichever manufacturer they buy from does all those t-shirts.

The attitude in training one could, perhaps, mean a peaceful and loving attitude. Right? I mean with the peace signs and hearts and all.

RandomHandprints said...

my real issue i guess is that the same bloggers who told me i should boycott JC Penney over the homework tee, are now not even six months later telling me to shop there. it's not like JC Penney has radically changed its values in the past six months.

kdwald said...

Please don't get me started. The hypocrisy of the horror - HORROR - at the dad who shot the laptop compared to past incidents of parents "shaming" their children that were SO effin' FUNNY. Please. #flighty

(And yes, I just used a #hashtag in a blog comment. On my way to Hell in a handbasket lined in cashmere.)

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