Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Would the Lorax Do?

I love the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax. In fact, I love the story of The Lorax so much that I decided to be happy it had been made into a movie, even if I couldn't quite figure out how a big-bash Universal Pictures film was embodying the spirit of the original Lorax even a little bit.

With the movie coming out on March 2 (Dr. Seuss's birthday), I am feeling less and less enthusiastic about it, because The Lorax is being used to promote so many products of dubious worth that they make a Thneed seem like the most useful item in history.

And I think it kinda sucks corporate America can't leave even an icon of environmentalism alone.

So I was happy to see, as always, that the good people at the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood were on it - in part because the marketing of The Lorax has reached far into the classroom, most egregiously with I'm the Lorax, I Speak for the ... Mazda?

I urge you to take a moment to head over to Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and Take Action to Save the Lorax.

Add your name to the petition supporting the following:
I will not support or purchase any of The Lorax’s commercial tie-ins.
It is both cynical and hypocritical to use a beloved children’s story with a prescient environmental message to sell kids on everything from SUVs to pancakes. The Lorax in Dr. Seuss’s classic children’s book has more integrity than his current incarnation as the animated darling of Madison Avenue. If the original, notoriously reclusive Lorax ever agreed to appear in a film, he would say a resounding “NO” to any commercial tie-ins.
He would help children curb their consumption instead of promoting a slew of “greener” products. He would tell corporations to stop bombarding kids with materialistic messages. He would never immerse children in the false corporate narrative that we can consume our way to everything, from happiness to sustainability.
My family will celebrate the Lorax’s timeless message by enjoying the classic story – and shunning all Lorax-themed merchandise and promotions.
Will I be taking my kids to see The Lorax movie? Probably.

Will I be buying any Lorax schlock? No, because well... I care a whole awful lot.


shannon said...

May daughter loves the book and can't wait to see the movie.

kdwald said...

In college, the environmental club I was in was called The Lorax Society. We had to change the name because of copyright issues. It seems that times have changed for whoever owns the rights now.

I will not be seeing the movie. At least not anytime soon. The whole story is different, from what I see in the previews. And I love the story too much!

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