Friday, May 18, 2012

Old Photo Friday: At the Zoo

Here's a photo from three years ago, when Kay was almost four and Magpie was six.

I remember the day fondly. I had made sure the kids looked their super-cute best because we were meeting friends at the zoo, and we didn't see them very often.

Don't the kids look super-cute?

Now, look a little closer.

Kay is wearing tights, just tights - we had completely forgotten to put a skirt on her.

I decided there was something sort-of edgy and punk rock about her outfit.

But of course I also knew she was a toddler wearing tights, just tights.

I like to dig around my old photos on Fridays. If you have an old photo post, please share in the comments. Old Photo Friday loves company!

I linked-up this old post to this week's Nov. 28 Finding the Funny. Check it out at Kelley's Breakroom and My Life and Kids for lots o'funny!


shannon2818 said...

Love the punk rock look - very cute!

claybaboons said...

Just say they're leggings and call it a day!

Meredith said...

Hey, it takes a lot to rock tights sans a skirt--she's got it goin' on! ;)

RandomHandprints said...

it's true, kids really can rock it like nobody else!

RandomHandprints said...

you're so right. the seams sorta give it away, but i'll just hope they were "subtle."

RandomHandprints said...

thanks, toddlers can totally rawk too!

Stephanie Sprenger said...


Kelley said...

Is there something wrong with wearing just tights? *Looks slowly down at outfit choice*

(Thanks for linking this up with us over at "Finding the Funny" last week!)

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