Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bake Sale Mania Makes Me A Maniac

Bake sale in NYC. Not happy about that one either.
The Bake Sale mania at my kids' public school has made me a maniac. There is just no other word for it. Maniac.

Cue '80s Flashdance flashback, but with mom jeans, rage and cupcakes.

My kids' public school has had three bake sales in May. All right out side the front door of the school so there's no way for a bake sale Grinch like myself to avoid it.

The first bake sale was at the beginning of May. At the time I thought of it as the only bake so I not only let my kids buy something, but I baked something for it, too.

I haven't baked something for a bake sale in years, ever since I became thoroughly convinced bake sales are not the fundraising answer in the age of childhood obesity.

But I wanted my kids to feel part of the group, I wanted to give-up my bake sale Grinch ways. I tried not to be complain-y about the baked goods in lieu of healthier - and yet, still festive! - options.

Anyway, you can image my surprise when a mere 10 days later there was another bake sale. In front of the kids' school. And from which I felt compelled to let my kids buy something.

I was unhappy. But not a bake sale maniac.

And then came yesterday. A note came home announcing there would be a bake sale at school today.

Yes, that's right -  the third bake sale this month!

And who was holding it? Not even the school. The bake sale was to benefit the local Girl Scout Troop.

And I lost it.

That bake sale is the one that made me a maniac.

Is it not enough those cookie-pushers had already shown-up at my front door when my kids were home - and worse, my softie of a husband - resulting in us purchasing FIVE boxes of Girl Scout cookies?

I'm sorry, but if you need to have a bake sale in addition to your cookie conglomerate... it's time to find another fundraising answer.

I'm writing this on my blog because I promised my kids if they didn't bug me for anything at the bake sale today that I wouldn't write a letter complaining about the bake sale mania to their principal. I hope this counts as keeping my word. And kids, you made a wise choice today. That would've been some letter.


Annie Shultz said...

LOL!! oh my word....I'd throw a fit too. Couldn't they have spread out the bake sales just a smidge? I mean, sell cookies in February, bake sale in September! good grief.

Anna Sandler said...

thanks for the support, i felt a little er like a maniac when i wrote this rant so it's nice to hear i'm not alone!

Holly Rosen Fink said...

I would die if my kids were at your school. I can't keep up with the Jones.

Everythingsabuzz said...

Im with you, there's gotta be a better way. Three of any kind of fundraiser in one month is insanity!

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