Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nature Walk

My kids have grown bored with the walk home from school, but I have grown even more weary of the suburban game of chase it takes to get a parking space at their school, so unless it's over 90 degrees or raining really, really hard, we're walking home these last few weeks of school.

I discovered pretty quickly a camera in a kid's hands and the title "nature walk" makes a regular trip home from school something special.

What are our ideas for helping kids enjoy a walk?


Don of Yes Shop said...

Nature Walks and Learning Walks. A bunch of great ideas for turning a walk into a nature learning experience. Create a guide, collect samples and more.

l.e.s.ter said...

Great photographs. The nature walks will help them learn to distinguish between lavender and rosemary.

Meredith said...

This is a good idea! Makes me want to get a cheap camera just for my kids to use.

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