Friday, March 9, 2012

Old Photo Friday: Purims Past

This year's Purim was sorta a bust, with festivities mostly centering around the eating of a mountain of soup dumplings from the local Chinese restaurant, followed by a substantial quality of Hamantaschen - or as Ziggy likes to call such things, "a leaf pile."

So, with no great photo ops from this year's Purim, I am happy to indulge photos of Purims past for this week's Old Photo Friday.
Kay, Westchester, 2009

Magpie and her bestie, Upper West Side, 2008
Kay and me, Upper West Side, 2008

Sisters, Westchester, 2010

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Alicia said...

I'll take old photo ops any day! These photos are precious! Hope you enjoyed Purim activities nonetheless....

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