Saturday, March 3, 2012

Annie the Musical Returns to Broadway this Fall!

Annie the Musical is coming back to New York City's Broadway this fall, and I couldn't be more excited about the timing as my daughters at ages six and eight are prime ages to be Annie-groupies.

My eight-year-old has taken to singing Maybe around the house, and I feel like I am just a step away from my hear breaking every time I hear her sing it. So yes, I'm sure I will be taking my kids to see the revival of Annie the Musical when it opens in about 250 days from now.

And if you have a daughter who doesn't just want to see Annie the Musical, but wants to be Annie - here's her chance. Currently auditions are taking place for the part of Annie in several cities as well as online. So get to it, stage moms!

When I was at Toy Fair last month, I saw this adorable Madame Alexander Annie doll, set to be released around the same time the Annie show opens. She has incredible details, and the expression on our face captured the essence of Annie perfectly.

Disclosure: I had always planned to post about the Madame Alexander Annie doll, because well, she's pretty awesome. I would probably have included a link to the Annie show site in my review. But I decided to definitely include the link when I got an email that implored me to link to the Annie website and "if you do help spread this news and respond with a screen shot or link to your post we will invite you to a special insider only event this Spring."

Now I've been at this mommy blogging long enough to know that companies never, ever ask us mommy bloggers to do something for them without doing something super-incredible in return, so I'm guessing this insiders event is gonna be (in the words of my children) epic. Grooming lessons with Sandy? How to polish Annie's patent leather shoes? Who knows? I'll let you know, when I do.

And no, I received no other compensation.


HarlemLoveBirds said...

Awww you're so lucky your daughters are the right age! I was just thinking the other day how I'd someday love to take my daughter (she's 18 months right now). I'll have to be on the lookout a few years from now.

Kerri said...

My girls are itching to go to this!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I hope the event is everything you hope it will be. I have a TON of Madame Alexander dolls, but Annie is just adorable. Also, that would be an amazing Broadway show to see!!!

RandomHandprints said...

Let's hope this event is even slightly similar to some of the amazing ones you've reviewed on your blog!

RandomHandprints said...

Let's hope Annie has a nice long run 'til your daughter is old enough to enjoy it!

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