Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Day of School... A Retrospective of Waiting

Why yes, I am eating blue licorice and waiting for my sisters. 
As of yesterday, my kids are finally done with school. Today we had our first day of summer vacation, and well, I'm gonna be honest: it was loooong.

And while I won't miss hurrying out the door, making lunches, reminding about permission slips or nagging about homework, I surprised myself by finding one unexpected thing I truly will miss: hanging out in the car with my three-year-old son Ziggy while we were waiting for his sisters.

This year, Magpie and Kay decided they were too old for us to pick-up from outside school, so they'd meet and walk together past the crossing guard to where we'd be parked and waiting a few streets away.

While in the car, Ziggy and I would play all kinds of silly games, and he'd amuse himself with opening and closing (and then opening and closing again, and again) the sunroof, and turning the car lights on and off (and then on and off again, and again) and sometimes he'd head back to the back row which we called "the apartment."

Those afternoon pick-up runs were fun, and now they're over.
At least until the fall.


Amy (My Real Life) said...

It's funny...when my 3rd started Kindergarten, my husband was so sad because he loved driving him to Pre-School every morning. He said it was his favorite time of the day. So, over here...we get it. :)

deborah quinn said...

I'm going to get all cliched here but you're so right to treasure those moments. I think back to the times that I hung out with 2 & 3 year old Caleb while we waited for his older brother to finish this or that activity...and it was lovely, just doodling around with him.

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