Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Declared "Being a Grown-Up Month" at Random Handprints {Day 1}

That's right everyone, I have declared the entire month of June "Being a Grown-Up Month" in honor of all of the undone things on my to do lists, and all of the appointments that have not been gone to, or in fact, even made yet.

So what does Being a Grown-Up Month mean here at the Random Handprints corporate offices?

I think, unfortunately, my Being a Grown-Up lifestyle for the month of June might be at odds with "Blog in Any and All Spare Moments," which is what has led to the need for Being a Grown-Up Month in the first place.

I'm going to go blogging light for the month, with hopes that it only takes one month of being a respectable grown-up to make it possible to then take the rest of the summer off from doing what feels like every single boring things in the entire world.

Today, the first day of Being a Grown-Up Month, I did a pile of things that have been on the to do list for-evah:

- Took the kids to get Passport photos.
- Filled-out all the stupid paperwork that has to be completed to get a passport.
- Made all the photocopies that had to be done in triplicate, one for each kid, and came to the conclusion that Passport procurement is a very good reason not to have a large family. Or, not to travel internationally if you do decide to have a large family.
- Took all of this to the post office and then waited in the longest line in the history of the whole entire world to turn-in all of this stuff.

And as if the Passport getting was not enough, I also went and got the tire replaced on my car. (To be completely accurate, I got my husband to go and get the tire replaced, but still, it sorta counts on my list because it's my car and I did have to be the one to bug him to go, which is no easy task, let me tell you.)

This being an adult stuff is exhausting, and did I mention boring? But despite fully admitting its boring-ness, I'll totally be updating throughout the month the rest of the things I complete in my quest to be caught-up on the life maintenance by July 1.

What's the state of your to do list? Anyone want to join me in Being a Grown-Up Month?

The endless looming of things to do is apparently not only a problem for me. Read this hilarious take on responsibilities on The Onion.

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