Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Garden Update - Because I know you worry

The garden is doing fine, more than fine considering the heat and lack of rain this summer here in Jersey.

The tomato plant has like, I'm not kidding, thirty tomatoes that are almost, almost ripe.

The string bean plant has yielded maybe five, possibly even six, string beans. All of which Kay ate, so that alone made it worth it.

The transplanted flowers from Strong Island have all made it, and the Black-eyed Susans are lately really starting to bloom.

And the herb collection - Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile and Lemon Verbena - are all good.

Magpie's sunflowers, grown from seed, have all bloomed to her great delight - but given she's eight, not surprise.

Happy Bee!

Magpie's sunflowers, three string beans in a row, and proof the lavender plant is indeed lavender. {Ahem.}

We have not had success with the squash, which I think the local animals have been chomping, and the strawberry plant has also been a no go as well.

But I'm not discouraged. There's always next year.

Do you garden? Are you having a successful year?

Disclosure: This is an actual update about my garden in suburban New Jersey. It is not meant as a metaphor for life.


l.e.s.ter said...

Touche, lavender. Congrats to Magpie on her sunflowers. Our stoop has had a rough time of it, but the basil is very happy.

Anna ~ said...

Happy Basil, that would make a good name for a restaurant, possibly also a band.

shannon2818 said...

I'm a relatively new gardener and this year did not go so well - there's always next year!

Jennifer said...

Good for you! No garden for me. I have lots o potted plants on the deck and they all look terrible. What does it mean when the leaves on my impatiens turn yellow? Too much sun, not enough sun? Too much water, not enough water? Ahhhrg, forget it.

Meredith said...

Isn't it amazing how the gardens continue to thrive despite the heat and lack of rain. Ours has been doing pretty well too--love your pics!

Anna ~ said...

thanks, and yes i'm happy with it doing as well as it has (which isn't exactly so spectacular!)

Anna ~ said...

exactly. i only keep at the garden b/c my kids are so good about eating the vegetables we grow - even if it's a miniscule supply.

robin said...

thanks for sharing.

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