Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Cool Project for Todlers on a Hot Day

Today, scenic New Jersey was a balmy 97 degrees.

And my home... is without air conditioning.

But alas, I am not complaining because I grouse so much about the cold in the winter I promise myself - and everyone who knows me - that I will at least not complain one little bit about the heat in the summer.

So I shipped the girls off with their grandma and cousin Mary to the relative cool of the shores of Long Island, and decided to make the most of the hot day with my toddler son.

The little guy and I spent most of the day on our front steps playing with frozen blocks of ice I stuffed-up with toys and junk and other surprises just perfect for delighting a toddler.

He got to use a plastic knife to explore and excavate, and I couldn't get enough of his delighted face everytime he got something out.

It was really fun when the ice block split into two pieces, but was still attached via the strand of broken Mardi Gras beads.

Ziggy came up with the fun idea of using our wet hands to make handprints on the steps. Which obviously, I loved.

We used the chunks of ice that broke off to make drawings, and at his prompting, I wrote our names.

And while I would be lying if I said I wouldn't have chosen to end the day by going inside to an icy cold house, it was a pretty great last day of spring.

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