Sunday, January 2, 2011

SNOstalgia - The Thrift Version - Updated!

Update: The scarf still has its tag affixed.  It reads: Hilltop Brand, 70% Cashmere, 30% Wool, Burns, Made in Scotland. 

A quick Google search revealed (I think) that Burns refers to the scarf's tartan pattern. Hilltop appears to be still in business, but I couldn't find any similar plaid scarves, just some very lovely solid ones, still made in Scotland today.  Perhaps, they are still making them like they used to.

Hilltop Scarf from the 1960s

Hilltop scarf today, for sale online.
My grandma, with my brother, 1972, Virginia.
My grandma, bundled-up for the snow, in her scarf.

My mom, Blizzard of 1979, Virginia.
My mom, bundled-up for the snow, in her mom's scarf.

My daughter, Blizzard of 2010, New Jersey.
My daughter, bundled-up for the snow, in her great-grandmother's scarf.
Note: Prior to this post, the scarf had no sentimental value. Magpie found it in a pile of stuff when we were unpacking our new house, and put it on. I didn't even know whose it was. Now, however, I feel like I need to take extra-careful care of the scarf and then tearfully pass it on to the next generation.  Even if I've never even liked this scarf.


April Yedinak said...

I think this is great! And I want to know what brand of scarf is it that has lasted for almost 40 years of wear?

Unknown said...

Just posted the scarf, still has the label. It's Hilltop brand, made in Scotland, now that's quality manufacturing!

Victoria said...

Hello there, I just found this while searching Hilltop Brand from Scotland as I recently got a lovely huge throw, almost like a chador - covers my head shoulders, all the way down to the backs of my knees, like an old Scottish Highlands Woman.
Your post here is so touching, so wonderful; what a beautiful cycle.
And it's so true that these are quality items; rarely made like this anymore.
Thanks for sharing.

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