Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Instructions for My Husband: Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream are Not "the Same Thing"

I know I refer to going to the frozen yogurt place as "getting ice cream," but that is because I am talking to the kids, and frankly (no offense kids!) they're too young and stupid to know the difference.

So I will admit that I was surprised when you told me you thought frozen yogurt and ice cream are -- and I quote -- "the same thing."

There is a difference, because frozen yogurt is not actually ice cream -- it's frozen yogurt.

And while sure, I remember that Seinfeld episode where the whole gang got fat from eating too much frozen yogurt that claimed to be fat-free, and I'm the first to admit that frozen yogurt may not be nearly as good for you as they claim it is, but it still isn't nearly as as bad for you as ice cream.

Just one example:

8 oz from Red Mango: 200 calories

8 oz from Carvel: 410 calories

Ice cream is about twice as bad for you as frozen yogurt. And while I only felt like Googling one example, feel free to google as many other combinations as you would like.

As this photo shows, kids are equally happy with frozen yogurt (top) or ice cream (bottom).

In fact, one of the kids seems okay just eating a shoe (calorie count unavailable):

And while the kids might want to junk up the frozen yogurt with Fruity Pebbles and Gummy Bears, you can just quietly steer them towards the blueberries and pineapple, and call it a healthy outing.

Or,as the kids call it, getting ice cream.

This is the thirty-second instruction in my ongoing series of Instructions for My Husband.

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Kathy at kissing the frog said...

SO not the same thing!! Although when they do junk it up with the gummy bears and sprinkles and junk the calories work out to be the same. And the picture of your Little eating the shoe? Priceless!!

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