Thursday, April 5, 2012

Great Kids Easter Craft Ideas

While my family is strictly a Passover celebrating one, with my "day job" (really usually middle-of-the-night when the kids are asleep job) being to write about crafts from time to time for New Jersey Family magazine, I found some great ones for Easter I can't not share with all of you.

Here are some great Easter crafts, perfect for kids of all ages - older kids will need less help, younger kids will need more, and babies love it when you just do the whole thing for them and sign their name and date it for their baby book.

Embellished Duck Tape Easter Eggs - I wrote about making Duck Tape Easter Eggs last week, (and there's a Duck Tape Giveaway on that post, too), but then I couldn't just leave them alone, so I used Mod Podge to add sequins, and it turned out really cute - and even better, the sequins didn't fall right off as I had feared they might.

Decoupage Easter Eggs - I had been wanting to do this since I saw some way better versions on Pinterest, and while mine may not be total Pin-fection, I was pretty happy with how these came out, too. I made them with translucent flower cupcake wrappers and Mod Podge, and it was really easy.

And here are the sequin and decoupage eggs hanging out together:

Ice Easter Eggs - This was my "brilliant" idea based on someone else's actually brilliant idea on Pinterest, and if I'm being honest, was technically a fail.

I thought it would be really cool to freeze stuff (sequins, Squinkies, little toys, etc.) in plastic Easter Eggs and then the kids could crack 'em open and discover and play with the little treasures that hd been iced inside.

The problem, however, was that Easter Eggs divide in the middle so there's no way to put an egg-shaped amount of water into the egg (actually, I'm sure there is a way, but I don't know it)

I went ahead and froze the half-empty (or is it half-full?) eggs:

And then I had the kids open them up outside, because I have learned the hard way the simple equation of kids+ice = MESS:

And there you see, our blob-shaped ice. Not the Pinterest-perfect egg-shaped ices I had so longed for. (Those were actually created by pouring water and trinkets into a balloon, and then cutting away the balloon after it freezed, to reveal perfect egg shapes. You can see them here.)

But the kids did have fun. And even I thought it was pretty cool. And my toddler did ask for the "icy" again the next day, so I made his penguin a little iceberg diorama.

So maybe, not a total fail.

Happy Easter!

For more Easter Ideas, check out Hop to It! 20 Crafts, Recipes and Activites for Easter.

And for even more Easter Ideas, there's more than 200 on the New Jersey Family Easter Pinterest Board.


Melissa said...

Love those ice eggs! Neat idea.

Jade said...

I'm obviously not one to help out with craft ideas and advice, but I think these turned out awesome! Cute idea!

Anonymous said...

How about filling a bowl or something large with water, immersing the plastic Easter egg (while open), and then close it under water? You could put a few things in the eggs and carefully close them.

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